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Loose Leash Dog Walking - Newlands / Johnsonville, Wellington.

Walks @ Local Streets, Parks, Reserves, & Dog Parks

Welcome to Loose Leash Dog Walking Service

Newlands Johnsonville Wellington 

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service,

Miles Crescent,


Wellington 6037,

New Zealand.

Phone: (04) 4787 458 Mobile: 021 179 5043

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington, Dogs at the Waihinahina Dog Park / Dog Exercise Area ( aka Dennis Duggan Park) the two Dogs are seated, the Dobermann holding the others lead in his mouth, and wearing their purple rain coats.

   Hello There!

If you're like us, your dogs have become family members.

When you are unable to walk your dog,

whether because of work, overtime, study or other obligations,

working from home/ home business,

injury, surgery, or illness,

you want them walked and taken care of with the

same love and attention you give them.

That's exactly what we do at Loose Leash Dog Walking. 

Because we love dogs!

We dog walk your home alone dog or dogs, around the 

Northern Suburbs of Wellington /

greater Newlands/Johnsonville area during the day,

while you are out earning the dog biscuits for your "Rover".

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington dog walks around your local streets or further

away, at local Parks-tracks and trails, Reserves, Bush Walks

and Dog Parks/Dog Exercise Areas Woof Woof Ruff

Could this be

the kind of Life Style

you would like for your

Home Alone Dog ?

Dog Walking and 

    Dog Services in

Newlands Johnsonville, Wgtn include:

  • Dog Walks: 60 minutes plus          $40 - $45
                Outings... out up to 4hrs
  • Daily Dog Walks (5 days per week)

60min plus         $37.33

Therefore Every 15th Walk Free!

Outings... out up to 4hrs

  • Feeding                                               TB Arranged

Dog Walking on a Loose Leash

Dogs are encouraged to walk on a loose leash,

sit & wait on the curb before crossing the road etc...

We expect good, polite behaviour and include some

training on the walks so that the dog walks are more

pleasurable for both the dog and dog walker,

and of course for you, the owner / care giver !

The Dog Walker will carry...

Water bottle & bowl carried,

Dog Poop bags carried, & used!

the dog poop is scooped!

Wet paws & dogs toweled off on return,

Petting, tummy, chest & ear rubs included.

Loose Leash Dog Walking provides

a Mobile Dog Walking Service and

Dogs are Collected for Dog Walks in the greater

Newlands Johnsonville area,

from your;

Work place, Work Site,

or Home - Fenced Yard, Dog Kennel, Dog Run,

Garage, Wash house, Outhouse, etc...

or via the Dog Door,

or supply me with a key for access.

(copy of Ministry of Justice criminal reference check available)

Dog Walking References available.

What do you need to leave out handy

for your Dogs Walks?

  • Dogs Collar and Registration Tag / One Tag
  • (a Must Have ! )
  • Dogs Leash / Dogs Lead
  • Dogs Halti or other, if used     - optional
  • Dogs Rain Coat                       - optional
  • Dog Towels                             - appreciated !
  • Dogs Name Tag with Contact Phone Number (on Collar)                                                                   - recommended !


... LAST DAY of Summer !

 21st  March 2022

Dog Walkers Home services in 

Newlands Johnsonville

can also include:

  • Watering plants
  • Bringing in newspapers/mail/courier packages
  • Turning on/alternating lights
  • Opening/closing blinds/curtains
  • Carrying rubbish/wheelie bin in/out
  • Carrying Recycling Bags or Recycling Crate / Recycling Wheelie Bin in/out making it appear that your house is occupied, can be a crime deterrent !

Contact us today to schedule services or for more info.

Ask about our special offers !

Dog Walking for Weight Loss - 

Fat Dog Slim:

Has Rover put on some extra winter weight ... a little extra "body condition",

  • become a little tubby, cuddly, chunky, square, square, overweight, or obese,
  • You can no longer feel his/her ribs, spine, hips, or tail bones!
  • There is no longer a waist when viewed from above,
  • or no belly tuck up when viewed from the side,
  • or worse, a paunch, a sagging belly, or abdomen,
  • Is he/she reluctant to exercise,
  • lazy, lagging behind on dog walks,
  • having difficulty getting into the car,
  • Breathing harder, panting after any exercise, or during the dog walk,
  • We can help, get "Rover" fit, agile, & lean, again for your summer activities,
  • We start out slowly, perhaps every 2nd day for half an hour, at first,
  • On the flat & gentle hills, on soft surfaces if required, building fitness & hardening paws,
  • there are plenty of handy hills for dog walking in Newlands Johnsonville !
  • gradually adding a quicker pace & more challenging terrain, as fitness improves. there are many local hills for fitness dog walking in the Newlands Johnsonville area !
  • We use interval training, slow pace followed by quick and back to slow pace...
  • We add in steeper slopes, stairs & steps, to build muscle tone, (once again.... there's plenty of stairs and steps in Newlands!)
  • Combined with raw vegetables added to their diet, you will find the resulting weight loss & inches / cms lost, most pleasing.
  • Fat Dog Slim, it just takes a little time !


Contact me to arrange a "free meet and greet "

to answer all your questions,

and to schedule your Dog Walks,


Ph: 4787 458,

Mobile: 021 179 5043,

email:[email protected]

or Contact Us CLICK HERE



busting viewing 




  • Get a Second DOG for company!,
  • Hire a Dog Walker! for an early afternoon walk,
  • Have your Dog Walker get a frozen Dog Bone out of your freezer for your Dog before they leave.
  • Kong - fill with peanut butter, fill with beef broth & freeze, etc....
  • Rope Chew Toy,
  • Nylon Chew Bone,
  • Rubber Chew Bone,
  • Puzzle Cube Food Dispenser,
  • Leave a radio on - talk back - for your dog to listen to,
  • Doggy Play Date, arrange a play date visit
  • with your dog walker, family, friend, or neighbour.
  • Dog daycare, book an afternoons doggie daycare for a welcome change in routine,
  • Provide a neighbourhood viewing platform for your dog to watch the world go by...
  • ie a flat topped kennel, or even a picnic table,
  • childrens play equipment or D.I.Y.something of
  • your own design.
  • Provide a Dog Sand Pit - each morning hide toys, bones, treats etc... to be dug up by your dog during the day.
  • Provide a Wading Pool for your water loving dog (with safe entry & exit!)
  • Put the garden sprinkler (chew proof), on a timer for a few minutes at a time (not during water restrictions !) for a water play loving dog.
  • Hang a knotted rope from the old rotary clothes line or similar, for swinging on.
  • Bicycle tyres cut through into a long length, make a great pretend snake, for your dog to whip about, etc...lots of fun
  • Provide a soft, waterproof dog bed, located out of the wind for the sun baking dog!
  • (remember to apply sunscreen to any pink skin first
  • thing in the morning!)
  • Also provide a dog bed in the shade for when they've had enough sun!
  • Water Proof Dog Kennel required for the wet season - raised off the ground.


Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville

Miles Crescent,


Wellington 6037.

Ph: 4787458


email:[email protected]


Find us on facebook !