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Loose Leash Dog Walking - Newlands / Johnsonville, Wellington.

Walks @ Local Streets, Parks, Reserves, & Dog Parks

About us

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service

Newlands Johnsonville Wellington

- Penny & Phil

Miles Crescent,


Wellington 6037,

Ph:(04)4787 458,

Mobile:021 179 5043 txt,

             email:[email protected]

Our Dog Walking business - Loose Leash Dog Walking Newlands Johnsonville is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance.

We are committed to meeting those needs.

As a result, our dog walking business is from repeat customers and referrals within the greater Newlands Johnsonville Ngaio area.

Dog Walking outing to Meekwoods Reserve Dog Park Off Leash Exercise Area Woof Woof Ruff. Well exercised happy wee group! Shiny coats & happy eyes!

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust

and deliver you some of the best service in the industry.

A little about me, I'm 61 yrs old,

happily married 38 years, to Phil, the Ex-Engineer,

with 2 adult children,

& 4 granddaughters -including Triplets!

Grew up with dogs, been around them my whole life.

I was raised on a farm from the age of 11.

Farm life included; cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, geese, ducks,

laying hens, bantams, pigeons, cats, horses & of course... Dogs!

Since marring have also owned; a German Shepard, Dobermann's, Doby X, & Doby/Rottie/ Mastiff X's, a Rottie / Neapolitan Mastiff X , a Ridgeback X, 

and currently, Neo - a Black Staffy X , Bruno a Am Staff,

& Dex - a Dobermann

- Penny.

Loose Leash Dog Waking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington. About Us Photo - the Johnsonville Dog Walker at age 4 years (in Johnsonville ! ) old with Dad, little Sister, and Dog - a German Shepherd Cross.

Me, age 4years, with Dog, Dad, & 'lil sis.

My Favorite Dog Quote: 'Dogs are not our whole life,

                                            But they make our lives whole'.

Roger Caras

Waihinahina Dog Park Woof Woof Ruff Off Leash Dog Exercise Area (aka Dennis Duggan Park) A great dog walking area, whatever the weather! Dobermann & friend looking cute in their purple dog rain coats!

Dog Walking Service Areas :

- the Greater Newlands Johnsonville Area,

Northern Suburbs,

North Wellington 6037.

Our Dog Walking Service Covers; Newlands, Paparangi, Grenada Village, Hunters Hill, Woodridge, Sea Grove, Kilkenny Heights, Harbor Heights, Johnsonville East, Johnsonville, Raroa, Broadmeadows, Khandallah,

Ngaio, Churton Park, & Glenside.

(Pickups in the Dog Van or Dog Utes )

Pennys Dog Walking Spenmoor Street Reserve Dog Park / Dog Exercise Area four handsome, satisfied boys ( & a girl )

Where We Dog Walk

within the greater Newlands Johnsonville Area:

Around your local streets,

or streets further afield,

local Parks tracks & trails,



& Bush Walks,

Dog Parks / Exercise Areas.

Loose Leash Dog Walkers in their Yellow Hi Vis Vests and Tops walking a large Pack of Off Leash Dogs in Wellington North.

You may have Seen us in our Hi Vis Vests or Tops

You may have seen us out and about Dog Walking in our

Hi Vis Yellow Vests or Tops in the Northern Suburbs of Wellington, or perhaps even heard of the Dog Walkers in

Hi Viz T shirts or singlets about in Wellington North,

with a pack of dogs ... on or off leash.

That's us, Loose Leash Dog Walking !


Miles Crescent,


Wellington 6037.

Dog Walking Hours:

Mon - Fri: 10AM - 6.30PM

Sat: Closed                         (unless special arrangements made)

Sun: Closed                        (unless special arrangements made)

Public Holidays: Closed    (unless special arrangements made)

Pennys-Dog Walking Puppy Socialising session at Seton Nossiter Dog Park off Mark Ave, Grenada Village Newlands

" Dogs leave Paw Prints on your Heart "

Some written comments from customers / clients of

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service

Newlands Johnsonville Wellington;

   ...thank you Penny such a good update. She sounds like she is really enjoying her time with you and it really helps to break up her day in the kennel

(and run)

   She is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - hopefully this rain eases up...

    ...(hubby)... says his walk with her was really good.

    you must be teaching her well !

    ....they were both pretty quiet -

he actually went to bed

and she snoozed out on the couch

    - unusual as it was only 6pm.

    Thanks for your time and effort - he is back on track...

    Thanks for cleaning up the(poop)mess

in the garden!...

...Thanks for everything Penny

    C U out there

   ...That's great he's enjoying his play dates,

i appreciate that he gets the chance to mix with other dogs,

thankyou !

...we had a nice calm dog to come home to last night !

...Sounds like a good walk,

he was nice and happy

when I got home and just chilled for the rest of the night.

Being a young boy, he has lots of energy,

so I'm always happy when he is nicely tired !

...Thanks for taking him on a play date...

...She was nicely exhausted which was great !

We loved the info you left -Thanks...

...loved your letter about her adventures.

Thank you...




You will have noticed how your dog looks to you for Leadership in his/her daily life and you need to continue this theme on your dog walks together.

Another alternative is to ask for a "wait" and "sit", until once again he/she realises once again that it is you that leads the walk. Consistency is the key!

Add in a few other commands as he/she progresses, such as:

"turn Left" & "turn Right" to encourage them to watch you and not anticipate your moves.



Put a Harness and lead on your Dog! it works a treat! Dogs love jobs and are only to happy to put their shoulder into it and work away.

A good pulling technique is head down and three feet on the ground, sound at all familiar ?

Dog Harnesses are used with Working Dogs, for example:

Tracking Dogs, Drug Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Guide Dogs etc... and in Dog Powered Sports such as...

Dog Carting, Dog Drafting, Dog Sulky Driving, Sled Dogging, Mushing, Dryland Mushing, Weight Pulling, Dog Pulled Rolla Bladeing, Dog Pulled Skate Boarding,

Scooter-Joring, Bike-Joring, Ski-Joring, & Cani-Cross.

( have I missed anything?)

Only dog breeds with weak tracheas need to wear a harness, but teaching Loose Leash Walking is a far better and safer idea.

Car Harnesses are great idea to keep not only your dog safe on trips, but also the driver and passengers.

Dog Books Recently Read by the Dog Walker;

by Edward Stourton                          Doubleday 2011

to you - about anything...'                

• The 50+ Dog Owner                                    636.7CHE  

Complete Dog Parenting for Baby Boomers and 

Beyond            272p

• Raw Bones
by Tom Lonsdale Rivetco P/L

• The Healthy Animal Handbook
Holistic Health Care for cats and dogs

by Dr Viv Harris BSc, BVSc 

 A Random House Book 2006

• Cesar's Rules
by Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier Crown 

Archetype/Random House2010

• Shaggy Dogs & Other Stories
by David Marshall

Shoal Bay Press 1997

• 101 Dog Tricks
by Kyra Sundance

• Merle's Door
by Ted Kerasote

written about dogs."- ELIZABETH MARSHALL THOMAS,

• Cesar Millan's Guide to a Lifetime of Fulfillment

With Your Dog  

302 pages Harmony Books, NY

by Cesar Millan with Melissa Jo Peltier 

303pages Hodder & Stoughan'09

• How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend 




336 pages 

Little, Brown, Boston

• Fun Things to Do With Your 

Dog                     EGA             636.70887

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service

Newlands Johnsonville

Contact Penny on: Phone: 4787 458 (Message after 7 rings)

Mobile: 021 179 5043

email:[email protected]