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Loose Leash Dog Walking - Newlands / Johnsonville, Wellington.

Walks @ Local Streets, Parks, Reserves, & Dog Parks

Dogs On A Loose Leash in Newlands


Wellington's Third Fully Fenced Dog Park, an update

Posted on April 30, 2017 at 3:16 AM Comments comments (2156)
Wellington's Third Fully Fenced Dog Park
 - Update/Timeline

 from facebook:
Malcolm's comment "Funding was approved last year for three dog exercise areas over a three year period. The first was Ian Galloway Park (Karori/Wilton) which has now been completed. There has been lots of positive feedback about this one. Next year it will be the turn of part of Sinclair Park in Houghton Bay, then Taylor Park in Tawa the following year. Beyond that, who knows? It would be good to have a further two or three fenced in different parts of the city, but they come at considerable cost. $200,000 has been set aside for the first three!
The closeoff date for letting Council know your views about any dog-related matters is 2nd May 2016
 Wellington City Council is currently reviewing its Dog Policy. You can find out what Council is proposing, including changes at a number of existing dog exercise areas, at…/p…/consultations/open/dog-policy Funding was approved last year for three dog exercise areas over a three year period. The first was Ian Galloway Park (Karori/Wilton) which has now been completed. There has been lots of positive feedback about this one. Next year it will be the turn of part of Sinclair Park in Houghton Bay, then Taylor Park in Tawa the following year. Beyond that, who knows? It would be good to have a further two or three fenced in different parts of the city, but they come at considerable cost. $200,000 has been set aside for the first three! The closeoff date for letting Council know your views about any dog-related matters is 2nd May 2016!
Dog Policy - Public InputDetails of the proposed Dog Policy include dog exercie areas review - and how you can have your

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington And the Next Fully Fenced Dog Park is .... Sinclair Park !

from the WCC 13 April, 2016
New canine exercise area in Wilton sets tails wagging13 April 2016A new fully fenced dog exercise area at Wilton’s Ian Galloway Park, adjacent to the new BMX track at the corner of Whitehead Road and Curtis Street, is guaranteed to get tails wagging, says Wellington City Council Open Space and Parks Manager, Amber Bill.

Cr. Malcolm Sparrow with Abby, and Mayor Wade-Brown with Storm.

 “This is now the largest fenced dog park in Wellington and is already proving to be extremely popular with local dog owners and their dogs,” she says.
 The park features a double gate system for safety, a tap and water bowl, a poo-bag dispenser, rubbish bin and night lighting to ensure your dogs and you stay safe at night
 Council is also interested in investigating partnerships with local businesses to install dog agility equipment.

 Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says Council approved funding for three fully fenced dog exercise areas in the 2015/16 Annual Plan.
 “Ian Galloway Park was the first and potential sites are being investigated to develop one next year and a third in 2018.”
“We have done some consultation around developing Sinclair Park in the south and Taylor Park in the north,” she says. Neither site, which are existing dog exercise areas, are currently fenced.
 Council is currently reviewing the Animal Bylaw, Dog Policy and dog exercise areas. Preferred locations of the additional fenced areas could change depending on community feedback. Details of these public consultations can be found on the Wellington City Council website, at local libraries and community centres. Public consultation runs from 1 April – 2 May 2016 so make sure you have your say. Changes will be agreed and in force by September 2016
.Mayor Wade-Brown says that in the meantime, if you haven’t yet visited the new dog park at Ian Galloway Park, pack up your furry friend and head on down for a visit. - WCC

Further Updates to follow ...

 Watch this space - Penny / Loose Leash Dog Walking Newlands Johnsonville Wellington 

Wellington's Fully Fenced Dog Park #2 Ian Galloway Park

Posted on April 24, 2017 at 5:21 AM Comments comments (419)
Exciting news! 3/02/2016
Wellington is getting another fully fenced dog park! 
The first one at Cog Park, Evans Bay, although relatively small, has been welcomed by dog owners and this one at
 Ian Galloway Park will be too I'm sure! 

Here's what the Open Space & Parks Manager from WCC has to say..........
 "Work on the fenced dog-exercise area at Ian Galloway Park will be starting next week.
The dog exercise area has been shifted to the east of the park, next to Curtis Street.
The new area is being fully fenced, with three double gates – one next to the car park, the other off Curtis Street and the other on the west side next to the BMX track.
 Please see the below (and attached) landscape plan. 
Many thanks to those of you who have provided input to the final plan.
We know that drainage will be a challenge for us all this winter. If funding is available after the fencing has been completed, we are hoping to try some grass mounds to try to alleviate some of the hollows and wet spots. 
Please bear with us as works progress and we hope you enjoy the new fenced dog exercise area.

 Some interesting history on Ian Galloway Park, named after
Ian Galloway who was a former Director of Parks and Recreation.

The site was the Western Landfill or Wilton Tip as it was known, operated between 1946-1973. This explains the uneven surface and drainage issues.


Wellington's First Fully Fenced Dog Park !!!

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 7:54 PM Comments comments (1213)
Wellington's first fully fenced dog exercise area should be completed in the next fortnight. Mirimar Vet Allan Probert has organised a $20,000 fundraiser to complete the fencing of Cog Park, near Greta Pt in Evans Bay.
 He said it was about time that Wellington Dog Owners had a fully fenced area where they could safely let their dog off the leash. He said dog owners, who pay Wellington City Council $1 million a year in fees, deserved something for their money and he could see a good case for similar exercise areas in other suburbs. The park was partially fenced and he expected work to completely fence it would start within the next week.
        from The Dominion Post Tues September 4, 2012 page A3

    Note: Photo is Not Cog Park Dog Park !
Loose Leash Dog Walking Mitchelltown ?2012-08-08

   Dogs at Play - Wellington
            From Penny Krieg of Loose Leash Dog Walking Service
                                            Newlands Johnsonville Wellington
  find us on facebook to view more photo's of Woof Woof Ruff Dog Exercise Areas & Dogs at play ( and on Dog Walks ! )

Cog Park Dog Park Fence under construction, below
 Up Date: Friday 7/09/12

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington at Cog Park 2012-09-07
Up Date: 12/09/2012
Fully Fenced Exercise Area Now Open To Dogs !

 Dog Owners are now welcome to use the fully-Fenced dog exercise area next to Greta Point Cafe on Evans Bay Parade in Hataitai... click on the text below ! for the article in the CityLife Independent Herald Wednesday, September 12, 2012 page 19.

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington's visit to Cog Park on 2012-09-13. Cog Park is Wellington's first fully fenced dog park.

 Photo above : 14/09/2012
Woof Woof Ruff Dog Park Exercise Area sign - Up
Entry Gates - Hung
Paths - Laid
Dog Drinking Water to come, at some stage soon !
Dog Poo Bin to come at some stage soon !
 = AWESOME !!!

I imagine that people will come to this, Wellingtons First Fully Fenced Dog Park from ALL over Wellington...
as its invaluable for:
 small dog safety, for those that are timid, or afraid of large dogs...
  retaining puppies in training within the Dog Park,
  for teaching Recall to your Dog,
  and of course the Biggy... Keeping Your dog OFF the road and out of the Traffic ! ( I'm sure most of us have had a dog that suddenly decides that its a good idea to pop across the road, out of the Dog Park, to visit / meet and greet another dog on the other side ! (painted on ears, all of a sudden ! )
 Pass the word and let all your doggy friends and those you meet,
know that Cog Park Dog Park is Open !
See you out there, Penny - Loose Leash Dog Walking
 and as Allan Probert says " Enjoy ! "

Dog Walking in the Rain

Posted on June 26, 2011 at 11:06 AM Comments comments (333)
7.40pm Sunday night.
Just got back home from walking the dogs...and got soaked (again)
ten minutes from home! Murphy's Law.
Was rather enjoying the quiet, peaceful nighttime walk,
spending one on one time with my dogs... untill the rain hit. Darn. 
 Thank goodness for Dehumidifers, shoes should be dry by the morning.

Had an enjoyable afternoon reading "Flash" by Joyce Stranger,
about a boy and his collie pup set in Scotland. Very moving.
 This book was one of the 5 dog books I managed to get a the recent
Monster Book Fair Johnsonville. Big Paws Up to the Johnsonville Rotary
Club and Life Education Trust.
 Another title I have been dipping into is "The Reform School Handbook
DELINQUENT DOGS by Tony Wilkinson.

Loose Leash Dog Walking Newlands in Heavy Rain ! but we have our dog rain coats on so alls well !  < checkout the photo (rain on the lens)
dog walking in the
rain,last Thursday,
little Miss geyhound cutey in her
fluffy collared Black doggy rain coat
(red pokadot collar)
Mr Doby in his Purple dog rain coat.
& LH side "Miss Rain doesn't bother me"

Pet Peeve when out Dog Walking in Newlands Johnsonville Grenada Village etc... Wheelie Bins blocking the footpath so the dogs and I can't pass without stepping onto the road or onto someones property. LooseLeash Dog Walking Sevice Newlands Johnsonville
< Pet peeve,
Wheelie bins blocking the footpath
(also last Thursday 21st June)
WCC Recyling Bin out....Thurs?

Also last Thursday I attempted to  take some photos of a family of
5 Pukeko's feeding in the rain, (NZ's Purple Swamp Hen)
but failed. have to try again at a later date. Watch this space.
the Dog Walker
Loose Leash Dog Walking

P.S. redevelopment off the old Newlands Park Auto site is going ahead in leaps and bounds. Unfortunately its meant the loss of the plantings by the round about, heres hoping that these can be replaced or even bettered when the work is finished!
The council staff who worked on these planting must be Really Gutted! Big Paws Up Guys!

Dogs eye view of Recycling in Newlands Johnsonville

Posted on June 14, 2011 at 12:48 PM Comments comments (25)
We, the Dogs that is, were a little worried about the first day of the new kerbside recycling service. We were expecting to find recycling wheelie bins & bags in the middle of the footpath instead of at the curbside. When we are out taking a dog walk we can get one eyed about anything blocking our progress, you know how it is.... things to see, places to go, pee mail to read, dog parks to visit.... important stuff to a dog! Anything at all that gets in our way or impeeds our progress....
 Sometimes my dog walker says "go right" and I mix up my left paws with my right, and I go left.... and my smart arse dog walker laughs and says "no your other right" and has to stop and untangle my lead from around the wheelie bin or even back me up...
 Sometimes I just want to jump over the green bin instead of mucking about going around, but that doesn't always work out to well! see photo
Hazzards of Dog Walking around Newlands Johnsonville on glass recycling day! O.B.1. on top of Glass Recycling Crate

So we dogs were quite relieved not to find very many bins at all blocking the footpath, well done everybody! A BIG Paws Up from us Dogs!
                                                            Signed " the Dog"
also known as O.B.1.
Didn't he do well, for a dog? You should have seen him using the keyboard, he kind of had to type with one toenail as his hairy paws are way to big for the keys!
 Good Dog! Well Done Boy!

Loose Leash Dog Walking Newlands. Glass Recycling Crate day

Dog Walking Newlands - Black and Tan dog  seated atop the Glass Recycling Crate

Newlands Dog Walking - Dog standing on top Glass Recycling Crate, looking down at spilt glass bottles and glass jars

Penny the Dog Walker
 Loose Leash Dog Walking

Had to Bath the Dog...

Posted on June 3, 2011 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (136)
Had to bath the dog....
  due to a incident with some poop in the park, Churton Park Dog Exercise Area on Halswater Dr actually. Someone failed to scoop their dogs poop, one minute she's sniffing, the next she's dropped her shoulder and rolling! Yuk! No it wasn't funny. Twice in two days!
One of the hazards of dog walking.
 Could have used Cecilia's Pampered Pooch Dog Hair Salon Dog Bath services!
Cecilia and Pampered Pooch have recently relocated from 8 Frank Johnson St, Johnsonville, on the motorway overbridge, to # 64 Ohariu Road, Johnsonville next to the Meekwoods Reserve Dog Park up above Johnsonville Main School.
Ohariu Road runs into Cunliff Street & Churton Park - very handy for anyone from there needing a Dog Groomer
 Talking of Churton Park...
                        PLANTING DAY
The Churton Park Revegetation Group is having its first Planting Day of the season, Saturday June 11th from 1pm. Tools and gloves are provided, but firm shoes are needed. Meet at the site beside Middleton Road, just north of Wingfield Place. Everyone welcome. More info: John Morrison on 477 1020.
 from Citylife Independent Herald June 1, 2011 What's Up Events - Planting Day
 Have a Great Weekend,
Penny the Dog Walker
Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville

Update:             PLANTING DAY
Enviro Day was held on June 2nd to mark Arbor Day on June 5th, at Seton Nossiter Park (Dog Park) Paparangi / Grenada. Students from Paparangi and Newlands Schools planted native plants and Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown attended.
Go Kids! Well done!.

                          PLANTING DAY
Trelissick Park Group will hold a community planting day at Trelissick Park (Dog Park) in Ngaio on Tuesday, June 21, 9.30-midday. Meet at the Hanover St entrance. for information visit
                             from Citylife Independent Herald Wednesday, June 15, 2011 WHAT'S UP EVENTS

Pet Dog Adoption

Posted on May 28, 2011 at 2:06 AM Comments comments (220)
Ex SPCA in 2007 now Rehomed in Newlands. The Adopt a Pet Day at Newlands Community Centre was successful
with 5 kittens and cats? adopted into their new forever homes.
Well done everyone involved!
A Dog Adoption Day may be possible at a much later date,
 watch this space!

ex SPCA 2007 (and proud!)
 & rehomed @ 3 yrs

 In the meantime, if you are considering adopting a puppy or older dog, approach the SPCA direct, on ph:3898044  ext 808.

also check out;
What Your DOG Needs      63p   
                              Published in New Zealand by Penguin Group 2007
 By Liz Palika                                                     SPCA
 Intro by Bruce Fogle, DVM
Forewrd by Bob Kerridge, MNZM, KStJ, JP, BppAnTech, AFNZIM,
636.7 PAL

The Adopted Dog Bible           486p                 pub 2009
 Your one-stop resource for choosing, training, and caring for
your sheltered or rescued dog
 by Kim Saunders                                        of
636.7083 SAU

Adopting a Pet For Dummies    362p        Wiley  pub 2006
 by Eve Adamson
636.0887 ADA

Rehomed at 8 months to Newlands, puppy is learning the ropes and enjoying life!
Team member, Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville
 ON TV1 SUNDAY 28th MAY (tomorrow) 7.00pm - 7.30pm
 "Make the Polition Work"  PGR
National Party member Simon Bridges has helped protect many animals
with his animal welfare legislation.
 Now he is working at the SPCA +

"Rehomed" @ 8mths

Good luck and Enjoy, 
Penny the Dog Walker    Loose Leash Dog Walking Newlands Johnsonville

SPCA's Adopt a Pet Newlands Community Centre

Posted on May 19, 2011 at 9:03 AM Comments comments (257)
 The Newlands Community Centre on Batchelor Street will host the SPCA"S Adopt A Pet initiative on Saturday, May 21st, 9am till 1pm. Come to the centre and find a new member for your family.
 Psst Pass this on to anyone you may know of who may be on the lookout for a new "forever" family pet !
                                 seen in the Citylife Independent                                                                                       Wednesday, May18, 2011
                                                                         p3 WHAT'S UP EVENTS

                             By Penny the Dog Walker of