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Loose Leash Dog Walking - Newlands / Johnsonville, Wellington.

Walks @ Local Streets, Parks, Reserves, & Dog Parks

Puppy Visits

Puppy Visits in Johnsonville & Newlands etc...

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service visits your home to give your Puppy a needed "Outside" Toilet Break, little paws tinkling outdoors.

This assists you with outside toilet training your young pup.

Our visits are a minimum of 30 minutes,

and can include the following:

  • Toileting
  • Playtime, Toys,...
  • Basic commands - Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Stand, Leave it, Take it...
  • Good Manners - Off, No Bite, No Bark...
  • Gentle Puppy Walk/ Follow the Leader
  • Change/ Refill Water Bowls
  • Puppy Feeding
  • Puppy Pee & Poop Wipe-up
  • Puppy Socialising - Greeting an Older Dog Politely
  • Puppy Socialising - human/s & dog/s 

<little Mr Huntaway X

RATES - PUPPY VISITS Newlands Johnsonville:

Puppy Visits /Toileting etc...      $25 30 minutes minimum.

Puppy Visits / Play Dates           $25 30 minutes minimum

Puppy Visits/ Walks/ Outings     $35 45 minutes

Phone Penny on 04 4787 458

or Mobile 021 179 5043

to arrange your Puppy Visits

NOTE: NOT Currently offering

Puppy Visits from Dec 2013 - sorry ! TBA

email: [email protected]

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to see more puppy photos !