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Loose Leash Dog Walking - Newlands / Johnsonville, Wellington.

Walks @ Local Streets, Parks, Reserves, & Dog Parks

the DOG VAN !

Make and Model:

the DOG VAN is a Nissan Elgrand 1997.

Van Colour:

White body, and light grey below, for reasonable visibility

in all weather,

readily identifiable with Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville sign writing and Logos.

The White Body colour also serves to reflect sunlight

and therefor reduce the interior temperature.

Floor Height:

The rear floor is low for easy entry and exit for your dog,

very important for those dogs with Arthritis.

The side door entrance is stepped, making entry and exit,

an even easier process.

Heating and Ventilation:

The Dog Walking Van is Air Conditioned for your Dogs comfort.

Two additional cooling fans have been added.


The four rear side windows, and rear hatch window, have ultraviolet restricting tinted glass, which cuts down the

amount of UV sunlight entering that can overheat the interior.

Five of the side windows open for additional ventilation.

Dogs area:

Customised to provide maximum space.

Dogs can chose their own special place and take turns on the "jump" seat !

Dog Beds provided.

Dog Drinking Water:

Water carried on board.

Water bowls carried.

Drivers Licences:

Penny: Full, clean drivers licence held for 40 years,

Philip: Full, clean drivers licence held for 39 years.

Van & Utility Insurance:

Full Comprehensive Business Insurance Cover.

Noise Level:

The Dog Van has a "NO BARKING POLICY ! "

all barking dogs will be asked to get out and walk ! LOL joke!

But seriously... we don't believe that your dog should be picking up bad habits while in our care and ... a barking dog can be distracting to the van driver.

The"Fleet" Also includes a Nissan Navara Utility 2000

Colour: White, with White Canopy,

Windows: Ultraviolet UV Sunlight Restricting Tinted Glass,

Ventilation, Canopy:

Front, Sliding open window

Two long, opening side windows,

Rear tail gate & rear screen,

Additional Cooling Fan & Vent to be fitted

Floor: Non-Slip Padded Rubber Floor Matt

Visability: Good (much enjoyed by the Dogs !)

Drinking Water: Water Bottles and Bowl, carried

See you out and about around Dog Walking, Newlands Johnsonville and other Northern Suburbs of Wellington!

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington,

Miles Crescent,


Wellington 6037.

Ph: 04 4787 458

Mobile: 021 179 5043

Email: [email protected]

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